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0-3 demerit points




Services included in this package:  

  • Opening the file

  • Request for proof 

  • Analysis of the evidence

  • Legal opinion 

  • Negotiation with prosecutors

Examples of violations:

  • Speed

  • Overtaking prohibited on the right

  • Overtaking prohibited on the left

  • Failure to obey a red light

  • Failure to stop before making a right turn on a red light

  • Failure to obey stop sign

  • Failure to wear seat belt

  • Sudden braking without necessity

  • Reckless distance between vehicles

  • Speed too high for atmospheric or environmental conditions

  • Failure to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists at an intersection

  • Passing a bicycle without sufficient space in the traffic lane

  • Acceleration when being overtaken by another vehicle

*Note that the price of the package does not include rebate requests and the trial. Rebate requests are $50. The price of the trial is assessed according to the complexity of the file and the judicial district.

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